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National Resource Center (NRC) for African Studies
Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships (2015-2016)

The National Resource Center provides Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships through funding from the Department of Education program for academic year and summer tuition and stipend support. FLAS Fellowships support students taking less-commonly taught language (Amharic, Arabic, Swahili, Wolof, Yoruba and Zulu) and area studies coursework. This program provides both academic year and summer fellowships to graduate and undergraduate students to support intensive for-credit study of an African language and to promote the development of competency in African studies either in the United States or abroad.

The goals of the program include:
1. to assist in the development of knowledge, resources, and trained personnel for modern foreign language and area/international studies;
2. to stimulate the attainment of foreign language acquisition and fluency; and
3. to develop a pool of international experts to meet national needs.

Howard University graduate and undergraduate students who are US citizens, nationals and permanent residents are eligible for academic year and summer fellowships. Students from other US universities who are US citizens, nationals and permanent residents are eligible only for summer fellowships. Summer fellowships are tenable only at an approved NRC institution or study abroad project.

  • Academic year Graduate Fellowships provide $18,000 tuition and $15,000 fixed living stipend. 
  • Academic year Undergraduate Fellowships provide $10,000 tuition and a $5,000 fixed living stipend.
  • Summer fellowships provide $5,000 tuition and $2,500 for living expenses for both graduate and undergraduate students.
All candidates must demonstrate a strong academic record based on GPA, strong motivation for language study and high potential for advanced proficiency. The NRC also considers financial need in making allocations.

Application forms can be downloaded at
March 6, 2015 is the deadline for all 2015-2016 FLAS applications.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Wheeler R. Winstead, Assistant Director
Howard University Center for African Studies
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Washington, DC 20059 or
Tel: (202)238-2354


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