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Civil Engineering Courses
Special Admission Requirements

CIEG-501 Water Treatment and Water Resources 3 Credits Water resources systems planning in relation to demographic, chemical, and biological factors. Modern advances in water treatment processes.

CIEG-502 Wastewater Treatment 3 Credits Point source treatment requirements and consideration of the theory, design, and specification of wastewater treatment alternatives.

CIEG-503 Advanced Design of Steel Structures 3 Credits Analysis and design of such various structural systems as long-span and multi-story, including floor systems, walls, and roofs.

CIEG-505 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering A 4 Credits Fundamentals of process analysis and unit operations and processes used for the treatment of water and wastewater.

CIEG-506 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering B 2 Credits Expounds on the fundamental concepts and processes of importance in water resources engineering.

CIEG-511 Chemistry of Water and Wastewater 3 Credits Analysis of the physical and chemical properties of water and wastewater, kinetic equilibrium in water and sewage; organic and inorganic constituents in water, including routine examination of water.

CIEG-513 Matrix-Computer Structural Analysis 3 Credits Review of fundamental structural concepts, flexibility and stiffness methods, and application to linear analysis problems using the digital computer.

CIEG-514 Finite Element Analysis 3 Credits Analysis of the theoretical and conceptual bases for finite elements in structural mechanics, element relationships and system solutions and applications to various structures.

CIEG-515 Prestressed Concrete 3 Credits Theory and methods of design of prestressed concrete structures, including recent developments, material behavior, fundamental theory, specifications, and applications.

CIEG-516 Properties of Air Pollutants 3 Credits Examination of the physical, chemical, and biological properties of dust, droplets, and gases in the atmosphere including air pollutant sampling and analysis.

CIEG-520 Advanced Mechanics of Materials 3 Credits Analysis of equations of equilibrium; motion and compatibility; advanced problems with bars, beams, membranes, and other elastic bodies; theories of strength and failure.

CIEG-524 Analysis of Plate and Shell Structures 3 Credits Differential geometry and fundamental theories of the bending and buckling of plates and shells; application of theories to the design of structural plates, slabs, shell roofs, and pressure vessels.

CIEG-527 Hydromechanics I 3 Credits Essential aspects of theoretical hydromechanics and applications, including unsteady flow.

CIEG-528 Hydromechanics II 3 Credits Continuation of CIEG-528.

CIEG-529 Air Pollution Control Engineering 3 Credits Selection and design of air pollution abatement programs including alternate process methods and process materials.

CIEG-531 Environmental Health Engineering 3 Credits Detailed study of emerging environmental problems affecting water, wastewater and atmosphere; occupational health hazards and environmental planning.

CIEG-533 Advanced Reinforced Concrete 3 Credits Influence of design factors affecting mechanical properties of plain and reinforced concrete; fracture and fatigue of members; design of columns under biaxial bending and beams in torsion; ultimate strength design.

CIEG-535 Elastic/Inelastic Stability of Structures 3 Credits Examination of the behavior of beam-columns; elastic buckling of bars and frames, rings, and arches; stiffness matrix, including axial force effects; inelastic buckling; torsional buckling.

CIEG-536 Dynamics of Structures 3 Credits Dynamic properties and behavior of structures; energy and differential equation methods; structural damping; solution for structural responses; and application to problems such as earthquakes, machine vibration, and aerospace.

CIEG-544 Special Problems in Transportation Engineering 3 Credits Project in which students work with the professor in analyzing a transportation problem.

CIEG-550 Water Quality Management 3 Credits Mechanics and kinetics of stream and estuary pollution, types of pollutants and their effects, eutrophy, microbial, and other parameters of pollution.

CIEG-551, 552
Graduate Seminar 1 Credit each Visiting lecturers speak on topics of interest in civil engineering. Reports required. One hour of credit is awarded upon completion of two semesters of seminar participation.

CIEG-553 Special Problems in Environmental Engineering 3 Credits Independent study of topics in air quality management, water and wastewater treatment and solid waste management.

CIEG-555 Special Problems in Structures 3 Credits Independent study of special topics in structural engineering and/or mechanics.

CIEG-556 Special Problems in Hydraulics 3 Credits Independent study of special topics in hydraulics.

CIEG-558 Open Channel Flow 3 Credits Applies basic principles of fluid mechanics to flows with a free surface.

CIEG-559 Sediment Transport 3 Credits Discusses state-of-the-art approach to sediment problems in civil engineering.

CIEG-560 Ground Water Hydrology 3 Credits Study of general properties; geologic consideration, Darcy's law, theory of groundwater flow, well hydraulics, confined and unconfined aquifers, flow nets and artificial recharge.

Master's Thesis 1-6 Credits CIEG-566 Hazardous Waste Treatment Management 3 Credits Examination of engineering alternatives for the storage, transport, and disposal of waste residues including water and wastewater sludges. Analytical approaches to the recovery and reuse of waste materials.

CIEG-578 Transportation Systems Analysis 3 Credits Use of operations research and systems engineering techniques in analyzing and evaluating transportation systems.

Traffic Engineering 3 Credits This is a continuation of CIEG-465. Students become proficient in the use of traffic simulation and analysis software used in industry. Several projects are assigned throughout the semester.

CIEG-601 Industrial Wastewater Management 3 Credits Includes the study of waste disposal technology and problems associated with various industries, and methods of treatment, including economic and regulatory aspects.

CIEG-604 Analytical Techniques and Instrumentation 3 Credits Analysis of classical and instrumental techniques for monitoring of air and water pollution including air sampling, atomic adsorption, spectrophotometer, and gas chromatographs.

Unit Operations and Processes 3 Credits Fundamentals and practical application of unit operations and processes in the design of treatment facilities.

Interdisciplinary Courses

Students majoring in transportation engineering are required to take specific additional program courses from the departments of Systems and Computer Sciences, Economics, Sociology, and Psychology to make up the 31 credit hours required for graduation.
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