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Graduate Certificate in International Studies


In recognition of an increased interest in international studies at Howard University and the broader national and international communities, and in acknowledgment of Howard University 's commitment to increasing the number of African Americans embarking on careers in the Department of State or related agencies, the Graduate School has established the Graduate Certificate in International Studies. The Program is centered around a "grand themes" model, in which a number of major issues or "grand themes" in international studies are explored, including global environment, HIV/AIDS, gender and development, globalization, the war on terrorism, democracy and human rights at home and abroad, international affairs and the color line, the role of religion in society, humanitarianism, race and ethnicity, information technology, food and water, health, education, family, poverty/socioeconomic status, and war and peace.


The International Certificate Graduate Program is pivotal in encouraging students from diverse professional and academic backgrounds to strengthen their expertise in different disciplines, as we instructed and challenged one another in addressing contemporary international affairs in Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. The fact that the Certificate Program encourages students to register for courses in numerous internationally-focused departments and also supports internship opportunities with different institutions, e.g, globally-recognized NGOs and country embassies, is another asset. 

My internship opportunity with the United Nations during the summer of 2013 was enriching. In addition to working with a great department at UNDP, I was also intellectually prepared to approach the internship assignments based on courses from the Communications, Culture and Media Studies department, as well as from the African Studies department, at Howard University. Also of great importance were the wide array of country ambassadors and world-renowned international speakers and lecturers who engaged us with critical discussions of various topics, including soft power and public diplomacy, international human rights laws, international labor migrations, to name, but a few. 

Overall, the International Certificate Graduate Program is full of possibilities and opportunities!

Stella-Monica N. Mpande
PhD Student

Expected Graduation
May 2015

Communications, Culture & Media Studies Department
School of Communications Howard University

My internship with the Guyana Embassy has been a great opportunity for me. In that sense, I was able to attend several OAS permanent council meetings. I was able to witness debates involving sometimes sensitive issues such as those of The Dominican Republic with its recent immigration law and Venezuela recent demonstrations. The internship provided me with a life experience on diplomatic as well as international mechanisms.

Aicha Lompo


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Director of the Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate,








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