In 1994 the Graduate School at Howard University joined with institutional partners throughout the American higher education community to transform doctoral education into a fully professional program of training. Organized initially by the Council of Graduate Schools and the Association of American Colleges and Universities, with funding from the Pew Charitable Trusts, the program that became known as “Preparing Future Faculty” ( (PFF) found its purpose in the recognition that doctoral education remained incomplete.

The Howard University PFF program prepares students to enter the nation's professoriate. The program presents an integrated view of the roles of a professional academic through such activities as the following:

  • Workshops on development of professional credentials, seeking employment, and long range career plans
  • Seminars on designing courses, teaching techniques, and solving instructional problems
  • Case studies of ethical issues in academic life
  • Hands-on instruction in the uses of new technology for teaching and research
  • Presentations on the governance and functions of academic departments and institutions
  • Campus visits to different types of institutions (liberal arts colleges, comprehensive universities, community colleges, etc.)

PFF Fellows Celebrating at the End of the Year Reception. PFF Fellows Dr. Cherie A. Ward, second from left, and Dr. Raul Garcia-Sanchez, far right received their doctorates and PFF Certificates.

Upcoming Presentations:

September 15th from 12pm - 1pm
Graduate School, Rm 205
Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad
How to Teach Young Adults Affected by the Prison System

September 20th from 12pm - 1pm
Graduate School, Rm 205
Jozanne Douglas
The Academic Job Search: When to Start and How to Succeed

PFF Featured Profile: Saidat Ilo

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